Gutter Splash Guard

Cleaning the gutter in your house once during the year is not enough for protecting it if you do not have a high-quality Gutter Splash Guard. Leaves keep falling from trees during autumn, and these can fill the gutters in just one day further making it impossible for rain water to makes its way through the downspout to the ground far away from the house. Since rain water does not have any way out, it keeps running down the side of the house resulting in leakages in walls and ceilings. This further leads to cracked foundation costing you thousands of dollars in home foundation repairs that could be avoided. The gutters are out under tremendous weight during snowfall. This has the gutters sagging and pulling away from the fascia board. Snow alone destroys the gutters that are left without any protection. This is the reason why the special emphasis is laid on gutter protection by way of using gutter guards that help in keeping twigs and debris out of the gutters along with ice and snow. Some important reasons behind installing gutter guards are as follows:

Gutter Splash Guard

No More Debris and Leaves in the Gutters

When the gutters are clogged with debris and leaves, they can result in damages that are larger than the damaged caused by the absence of gutters. The use of gutter guards can have debris and leaves drifting to the ground by way of the principles of surface tension and gravity. Rainwater adheres to the nose of the gutter guard while flowing freely into the gutter and the downspouts.

It can be Dangerous to Climb Ladders

There are lots of people who are not in the habit of using ladders, and therefore they fall from ladders while trying to clean their gutters. Some serious injuries like head trauma and broken bones are the consequences of such falls. People above 50 years of age are susceptible to further injuries if they try climbing a ladder. The use of a gutter guard helps individuals in avoiding instances of climbing those dangerous steps for cleaning the gutters.

Wood Rotting can be avoided

Standing water is the worst enemy of the home. If the gutters in the house are not able to function properly because of them being filled with debris or being frozen, the fascia boards and the soffit can absorb rainwater and start rotting.

Help in the Prevention of Frozen Gutters

Extreme cold conditions can freeze the water that gets accumulated in the gutters. The water gets frozen to the extent of turning into massive beams of ice. The gutters get damaged because of these massive beams of ice because gutters are not made to sustain this weight. In addition to this, during the daytime, ice starts melting which results in the fascia boards getting completely soaked up. At night, the water in the gutters refreezes pushing the fascia boards outward. The use of gutter guards helps by allowing water to easily flow away from the house, thus preventing ice formation.

No Hired Help Required

It can be challenging to clean the gutters of the house, and therefore many homeowners take the services of hired professionals for carrying out this job. Hiring professionals for drain cleaning might not only have you spending your hard-earned money and valuable time but also holds you liable to any injuries that the professionals receive while doing your job. This liability is something that you need to worry about.

Home Foundations Remain Protected

The stability of a house is entirely dependent on its inception. The soil on which the house is made should have the ability of absorbing rain. Homes are constructed by the builders post determining soil conditions and ensuring that the drainage systems will carry water away from the house. However, if you do not make use of a Gutter Splash Guard and the sewer fails to work properly, water starts moving towards the foundation of the home. Soil gets saturated resulting in cracks or shifts in the home foundation.